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The majority of students in Key Stage 4 will follow a GCSE course which is delivered over three years. We currently follow the AQA specifications 8700 GCSE English Language and 8702 GCSE English Literature. This leads students to two separate GCSE qualifications, each of which receives a separate GCSE result.

English Y10 Curriculum Map

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Alternative Routes

A small number of students may follow an alternative route through English at Key Stage 4. These students are linked to a main teaching group and teacher, but receive small-group tuition based on the development of more functional literacy skills. The exact course follows depends on the personalised learning needs of the student: currently, students are working towards AQA Silver Step and Gold Step Awards. These courses are designed as stepping stones towards the AQA GCSE course, and so may be used either alongside or instead of the main GCSE qualification. Where appropriate, teaching staff will liaise with outside agencies and other providers (e.g. Bidwell Brook) in order to access information about other relevant courses. In this instance, the SENCO (Miss Blumer) and Assistant SENCO (Mrs Good) are the first points of contact.


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English Y13 Lit Curriculum Map


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