The aim of the Media Department is to foster confidence through creativity, whilst developing industry level skills and expertise across a range of specialist units. These competencies are transferable and also can be directed towards specific degree level courses in specialist areas. The ultimate goal is to find each student’s innate talents and channel them into the production of excellence while, at the same time, promoting literacy, numeracy and an understanding of the demands of the work-place and the world beyond. Every learner is stretched through the acquisition of software and hardware skills and the understanding of a wide range of theoretical models and how they can be applied to audience behaviours and Media products and so is taught not to fear new challenges.


A Level Film Exam Curriculum Map

A2 Film Curriculum Map

A2 Film Practical Curriculum Map

AS Film Curriculum Map

Film GCSE Y9 Curriculum Map

Film GCSE Y10 Curriculum Map

Film Practical Y9 Curriculum Map

iMedia Y10 Curriculum Map

iMedia Y11 Curriculum Map

Journalism and The News Industry Y13 Curriculum Map

Media Diploma Unit 1 Y12 Curriculum Map

Media Diploma Unit 6 Y13 Curriculum Map

Media Diploma Y12 Curriculum Map

Media Diploma Y13 Curriculum Map

Media Triple Unit 25 Exam Y13 Curriculum Map

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