Film - Subject Overview

Film is concerned with the study of character, theme, style and social observation. It embraces ethnicity and it transports us into other worlds, other cultures and other experiences. Film changes lives and makes us re- examine our attitudes and values and allows us to experience the world as someone else. Film has become the modern form of literature and has its own body of great texts which are part of the global experience. Film is about learning how to create wonderful film products, how to write creatively in certain forms and how to express yourself. The new syllabus requires students to embrace a wider body of film texts and develop their creative writing skills.


Film A2

Film A2 Curriculum Map

Film Practical A2 Curriculum Map


Film Y9-10

Film GCSE Y9 Curriculum Map

Film Practical Y9 Curriculum Map

Film GCSE Y10 Curriculum Map



iMedia Y10 Curriculum Map

Media & Film Photography Y11 Curriculum Map


The Diploma - The Double

Media - Animation Curriculum Map

Media - Diploma Unit 1 Y12 Curriculum Map

Media - Graphic Novel Curriculum Map

Media - Unit 2 Curriculum Map

Media - Unit 3, 20, 16 Curriculum Map

Media - Y13 Journalism and The News Industry Curriculum Map

Media - Y13 Unit 6 Curriculum Map

Media - Y13 Web Diploma Curriculum Map


The Diploma - The Triple

Media - Unit 5, 26, 23 Curriculum Map

Media - Y13 Triple Unit 25 Exam Curriculum Map



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