Subject overview

‘Languages are a passport to another world’

Learning languages helps students develop a number of key skills in a variety of contexts whilst gaining a broad understanding of the culture of countries and communities where French and Spanish is spoken. We are passionate about making language learning fun and promoting the fact that language skills enable our students to take their place in today’s multi-lingual global society. Languages are a real future asset in many key domains such as higher education, business and travel.



French Curriculum Map

French Y7 Curriculum Overview

French Y8 Curriculum Overview

French Y9 Curriculum Overview

French Y10 Curriculum Overview

French Y11 Curriculum Overview

French Y12 Curriculum Overview

French Y13 Curriculum Overview



Spanish Y7 Curriculum Overview

Spanish Y8 Curriculum Overview

Spanish Y9 Curriculum Overview

Spanish Y10 Curriculum Overview

Spanish Y11 Curriculum Overview

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