GCSE Results Day

20th August 2020

The GCSE students at Kingsbridge Community College have much to celebrate today following the very successful results day.  In a year like no other the students have had to deal with a disrupted education and huge uncertainty and anxiety created by a system that has lacked clarity.  The government announced this week that students would either be awarded the centre assessment grades – those which their teacher had predicted, or the calculated grades – those awarded after moderation by the exam boards, whichever was the highest of the two.  It was a pleasure to witness the students open their envelopes today and get the grades that they deserved and had worked so hard to achieve. 

Two students, Sam Gray and Georgia Tucker achieved grade 9s in all the subjects that they studied and William Rew, Eli Woods, Kate Lindeque, Joanne Forster, Catri Fox, Joe Wood, Ted Garry and Raphael Parker all achieved a grade average of 8s and 9s – the highest grades that students can be awarded.  They should be rightly proud of these exceptional performances.

Performance measures for schools have been suspended due to Covid 19, usually schools are not only measured on the achievement of students but also on the progress that they make from their GCSE starting point when they enter the Sixth Form.  It is a pleasure to be able to celebrate Elle Hugh, Matilda Hughes Johnson, Millie Kinver, Zoe Stevens, Isabella Howling, Charlotte Gibbs, Florence Welch, Niamh Ferrigan, Caitlin Walker, Peggy Dean, Elizabeth Eaton, Thomas Hart, Hannah Couling, Eve Barry, James Taylor, Radim Kupcak, Chloe Weeks, and Matilda Perez Garcia who were among the students who made exceptional progress throughout their studies due to their consistently high levels of effort and determination to be successful. These students were role models to others in showing that we can all achieve anything that we set our minds to. These results show the exceptional quality of teaching at Kingsbridge.

We are proud of the accomplishments of all of our students. This year group have flourished throughout their studies, both academically and personally, and are sure to continue to have a positive impact on others in the next stage of their lives. Tina Graham, Principal said “I couldn’t be prouder of the accomplishments of such a fantastic group of students. This particular cohort of Year 11 students have risen to the challenge of this year with determination and resilience. I would like to thank all of the staff and families who have supported and encouraged students to believe in themselves and make the most of their opportunities. I wish all students the very best in their future endeavours.”


Written by Tina Graham
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