Arts Week - July 2021

19th July 2021

Arts Week July 2021

This years Arts Week was a real success with a wide range of inspiring arts-based activities for students of all ages to try. Extra-curricular sessions included Batik, Marbling, Manga drawing & Green Screen Filming. Departments also offered art based cross curricular learning such as drawing to Music and black out poetry in English lessons. Art students in Years 9,10 and 12 had the opportunity to take part in workshops with visiting artists. These workshops were funded by the Tesco ‘Bags of Help’ community grant award, received thanks to the support of our local community visiting the Tesco Kingsbridge store.


Emma Jones Drawing & Painting Workshop

Year 9 students opting for GCSE art had the fantastic opportunity to work with local artist Emma Jones.  Emma states she is an artist “inspired by living things; plants, animals, fungi . . . anything that occurs naturally.”  Students started the day by developing their drawing skills using a variety of techniques; from quick 2-minute blind drawings & continuous line observing their subject with a fresh perspective focusing on the negative space, shape and form, then moving onto more detailed observational drawing inspired by an array of ferns, plants, flowers & seaweed.  Students developed their skills with pattern and repetition using tracing techniques and learned to create individual stencils from their drawings.  Using a mixed-media approach, each student selected the shapes, forms & details they were particularly drawn to playing with silhouettes, pattern, repetition or as Emma stated “whatever surprises and resonates” to create a fantastic final piece.  Collectively and individually the results are outstanding! 


Stencil Art workshop

Year 10 GCSE Art students took part in one day workshops with renowned street artist STEWY, who has worked for many years in Hackney, Manchester, Bristol and New York. His commercial work includes a huge mural for the Arsenal Emirates stadium shop and street art for the Tour de France. Students learnt how to make a stencil and apply it to make a piece of street art based on a self-portrait. They also learnt about Stewy’s work and the relevance and social contexts surrounding street art. The students concluded the day by spraying their portraits to create a group mural and creating a personalised T shirt.


Drawing with light workshop

Year 10 photography students had a fantastic day experimenting with and drawing with light. They had to master the manual setting on their cameras and work in a blacked-out room. They explored the theme of portraiture by completing a variety of tasks throughout the session. Working in groups they completed some really striking photographic outcomes.


Jewellery Making workshop

Year 12 had the opportunity to work with local jewellery maker Matilda Durant to design their own ring, or use the designs from the Cove Collections website. They were taught the basic Silversmith techniques, and created their own beautiful unique rings.


Life Drawing with Falmouth University

The art department linked up with Falmouth University who ran a remote learning life drawing session in which A Level students experience drawing from a range of models and poses using expressive drawing techniques to develop their confidence, mark making and observation skills.


Thank you to all the staff and students involved for making this such an inspiring week.

Mrs Ryrie


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