Healthy Eating Week

31st October 2018
Healthy Eating Week - Mon 15th Oct to Fri 19th Oct


Head of PE, Helen Tully is passionate about students understanding the importance of looking after themselves! She commented, "they only have one body and one mind, that will hopefully be with them for a very long time, so they need to look after it!"

During the course of the week all year groups have had an assembly looking at physical, mental and social health and understanding ways in which they can make positive changes to their lifestyle. At the end of the assembly students had to make a pledge as to how they would improve their health. Suggestions included getting more exercise (60 minutes a day is the World Health Organisation's recommendation), eating more nutritious foods, taking a walk in nature, reducing screen time, talking to and supporting one another, giving back to the community, amongst. In order to support students in making healthy choices at break time and lunchtime, the food outlets around the College prepared more healthy food. Francessca and Sophie in 7HTU commented, "when there's tray bakes on sale, then we buy them. When they're not there, we have to buy more healthy foods and actually they taste nice too and they're better for us!"

A student who has never attended a sports club went along to the Fitness Suite on Thursday lunchtime. When I asked why, she commented "I need to do more exercise. It was the pledge I made this week!"

This is why we introduced health week at KCC!


Many thanks to Michelin Star Chef Peter Gorton for supplying tasters and talking to students about heathy food.


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