Year 7 Fieldwork to South Milton Sands

14th November 2018

The Year 7 students visited South Milton Sands as part of their first Geography Unit on ‘What is Geography?’ The field trip took place on Wednesday 3rd and Friday 5th October and both days proved to be perfect fieldwork conditions.

This year the fieldwork has taken a slightly different focus with the students looking at the impact of human activity on the coastline. The students had to complete a series of fieldwork tasks including footpath erosion surveys, litter surveys and an analysis of the sea defences there. This allowed the students to collect a range of both quantitative and qualitative data which they could then use as part of the analysis.

The students have been completing a detailed write-up of their fieldwork since back in the classroom. They have been applying their skills in recording their methods, presenting their data, analysing their findings and finally drawing a conclusion to the original question of the impacts of human activity. An excellent two days on the coastline was had by all groups!


Written by Jayne Collins
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