Challenge Week


Be all you can be — It’s Challenge Time!

It’s sometimes said that the very best things in life can also sometimes be the most challenging.

Take a second or two to think about some of the great things you might have achieved so far in your life like flying in an aeroplane for the first time, learning to swim, ski, ride a bike, sing, play an instrument, make a meal for your family or even give your very first presen-tation at the front of the class. Your life has already been jam packed full of challenges! Having those chal-lenges helps to bring out strengths and abilities that you never knew you had and, if you take on new challenges, you can bring new energy and excitement into every-thing you do.

So, what Challenge are you going to embrace?
What goal are you going to accomplish?
What new achievements might you be most proud of?
Challenge Week is designed to encourage you to get stuck into trying new things and it provides amazing opportunities to make friendships, be creative, learn new skills, get active, and have amazing adventures.

Think big – instead of limiting your challenges by
playing safe this year why don’t you choose
something new and different that might
challenge your limits. Whatever activities
you choose;
you can be sure it’s going to be great fun!

K Duncan


Please click on the links below to access the booklet and choice form:


Challenge Week 2018 Booklet


Challenge Week 2018 Choice Form