Key Stage 3 (Years 7 – 8)

All students follow a broad and balanced curriculum at Key Stage 3 which includes all the National Curriculum core and foundation subjects.

In Year 7, students are setted in Maths and Modern Foreign Languages, but are taught in mixed ability groups (mainly tutor groups) in all other subjects.

Some students have lessons to develop their literacy skills in place of Modern Language lessons. A particular feature of the Year 7 curriculum is ‘KCC Learner’, a course which allows students to develop the skills needed to become effective learners.

Assessment in Year 7 reflects a move towards ‘Life without Levels’; students are placed on a route through Year 7 which takes into account their prior attainment at KS2 and should lead them on a journey towards aspirational success at KS4. Each department has used extensive knowledge of the content and skills that students need in their subject to develop key criteria known as ‘route related expectations’ against which students’’ progress will be measured.

In Year 8, setting is introduced in English. 2016-17 will be the last year that any student at KCC is measured against National Curriculum Levels; in order to maintain continuity with the curriculum they started studying when they arrived in Year 7.

Halfway through Year 8 students are given the opportunity to make their GCSE choices for 4 GCSE courses which start in year 9.



Key Stage 4 (Years 9 – 11)

At Key stage 4 we will report to parents using the 9-1 grade system for reformed qualifications depending on the year group and A*-G grades if students are studying an unreformed qualification. For year 11 students, only English and Maths will be reporting in 9-1 grades.  

All students follow a core curriculum from Years 9 to 11.  This includes English, Mathematics, Sciences, PE, RE, IT and PSHE.  They choose 4 additional option subjects from a wide range which includes GCSE, BTEC and other vocational courses. We talk carefully with students and parents to help them choose courses on which they will achieve success and which open gateways to higher education and employment.

Students usually take all their GCSE examinations at the end of Year 11; however, depending on the course there may be controlled assessment, external examinations or oral examinations throughout the year.

Further details can be found in the Key Stage 4 course selection booklet which can be downloaded using the following link: KS4 Options Booklet


Key Stage 5 (Years 12 – 13)

At Sixth Form there is a balance of academic and vocational opportunities which leads to the large majority of our students staying with us.  In Year 11 there is a thorough interview and course selection process which helps students to make the right choices, this is followed up with a Sixth Form Induction day before the start of Year 12 in order to allow students to trial subjects in their chosen areas.

Students who perform strongly at GCSE will likely study 4 subjects in Year 12 carrying on 3 of these subjects to full A Level (or equivalent) in Year 13. Other students will choose 3 subjects to study throughout Year 12 and Year 13. More details can be found in the Sixth Form prospectus available through the following link: 6th Form Prospectus



Every year at all Key Stages our results are well above the National Average.  We are proud of the inclusive nature of our Sixth Form; we encourage students of all abilities to achieve their potential and to strive for excellent outcomes and students with special educational needs who join the Sixth Form continue to work closely with the Learning Support department if the need arises. Students are encouraged to explore different pathways for when they leave KCC Sixth form and whatever they choose, whether it be Oxbridge, studying medicine or veterinary science or embarking on apprenticeships in the world of work, we have specialist staff who are here to guide them.


A more detailed description of the Kingsbridge Community College curriculum can be found in our curriculum booklet