Uniform Policy


  • Black blazer
  • White shirt with collar (worn tucked in to trousers/shorts at all times)
  • Formal, grey tailored trousers/shorts
  • Red/grey tartan skirt or grey tailored trousers/shorts
  • Red and grey tie
  • Black shoes
  • White or black plain socks (no white/coloured/logo socks to be worn over black tights)
  • Black or flesh-coloured tights (plain and not laddered or ripped)
  • Black shoes
  • Optional: College black jumper

All items with the exception of the white shirts (with collar) and trousers/shorts must be purchased from the College’s registered stockist:

Proserve Group - Uniform Supplier


Please note:

  • Blazers

Black blazer with the College logo must be purchased from the College’s recognised supplier.

  • Skirts

Red/grey tartan skirts (as above) - all skirts must be purchased from the College’s recognised supplier. No other skirts will be permitted.  Please ensure the hem of the skirt is just above the knee.

  • Trousers

Grey trousers for both girls and boys. Trousers must be in a formal, tailored style.  Skin-tight trousers, jeans or jean/chino-style are not permitted.

  • Shirts

White long-sleeve shirt with collar (worn tucked in to skirt/trousers at all times).  Coloured t-shirts or those with prominent logos or patterns as vests are not permitted.

  • Jumpers

These are optional but if worn, must be purchased from the College’s recognised supplier.  Students may only wear KCC v-neck jumpers: no other jumpers, fleece tops, hoodies or body warmers are to be worn in College.

  • Shoes

Plain black leather/leather-look smart with no logos or markings – must be polishable (no suede).  No trainers, trainer-style or canvas shoes.  A selection of acceptable and non-acceptable shoes and brands are contained within this document. 

  • Tights

Tights can be flesh-coloured or black.  Students will be asked to remove any white/coloured socks that are worn over black tights.

  • Outdoor Coat

Students need an outdoor coat for College. It must be removed in lessons.

  • Jewellery

If worn, this must be discreet (i.e. 1 small ring, 1 bracelet, 1 necklace, 1 pair stud earrings). No excessive jewellery. Students wearing excessive jewellery or belts will be asked to remove the items and hand them in to Student Support for collection at the end of the College day.

  • Piercings/Nails

No visible body piercings are permitted, including eyebrow, nose, lip, tongue and ear-stretchers. Students may not have acrylic/false nails for College. Any students wearing these will be required to remove studs/ rings and hand them in to Student Support for collection at the end of the College day.  Alternatively, you will be asked to either tape up or wear a retainer or clear plastic stud.

  • Mobile Phones

Mobile phones may not be used anywhere in the College during the college day. If a student has a mobile phone it must be kept switched off in their bag.




Proserve Group - Uniform Supplier


Kcc acceptable shoes

Kcc unacceptable shoes


Physical Education Kit

Proserve Group - Uniform Supplier

Permitted KCC PE kit

Permitted kcc pe kit


Optional KCC PE kit

The following items are also available from Proserve and are permitted for PE. If you want to wear a long-sleeved top this must be either the quarter zip KCC Jumper, a base layer under your polo or the long-sleeved PE top. If you want to wear long trousers this must be KCC leggings, KCC training pants or plain black leggings/base layer.

On days where it is raining you may wear a coat at your teachers’ discretion.

Optional kcc pe kit


Below are examples of Items that are not allowed in PE (In line with college policy Hoodies are not allowed in PE)

Not allowed in pe

Students are expected to attend lessons in school full uniform before changing into PE kit. If students have had a lunch time club such as dance or Super League then they may stay in PE kit after their PE lesson. Their period 5 teacher will expect them to have a club sticker in their planner on that week.

All jewellery must be removed for lessons and clubs and hair must be tied back.

Any ears that have recently been pierced must have the studs taped over when participating in lessons (student to supply the tape.)

Students should not bring high valuable items with them when they have PE or clubs. It is the student’s responsibility to look after items that they bring into college. The changing rooms will be locked during lesson times. Students will need £1.00 coin should they wish to use a locker whilst at the Sports Centre.

If you forget your PE kit you will be issued with a kit mark by your PE teacher. If you have 2 x Kit marks in a half term you will be issues with a lunch time detention.

If you are wearing incorrect kit you will be issued with an incorrect kit mark. If you have 3 X Incorrect kit marks then you will be issued with a lunch time detention.


Participation in PE lessons in the case of injury or following illness: 

Students must present an acceptable note for any non-participation in PE.

All students must bring normal PE kit and a warm coat (when weather is poor) so they can help with organisational duties, coaching and refereeing.



Water may be consumed in lesson items at the discretion of staff. It must be in clear bottles filled only with water (no squash, fruit juice, etc...). Please be aware that in some lessons water bottles may not be allowed due to health reasons where certain activities are undertaken.

Drinking fountains are also placed around the college.

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