Times of the College Day

Time Period
08.45am Warning Bell for Tutorial
08.50am - 9.20am Tutorial
09.20am - 10.20am Period One
10.20am - 11.20am Period Two
11.20am - 11.40am Break
11.40am - 12.40pm Period Three
12.40pm - 1.40pm Period Four
1.40pm - 2.20pm Lunch
2.20pm - 3.20pm Period Five
3.30pm - 4.30pm Extracurricular Clubs and Activities
4.30pm - 10.00pm Community Activities


Year assemblies take place each morning between 8.50am and 9.20pm

Arriving at the College on time is vital, both for staff and students. Please remember that a wide variety of extracurricular activities are on offer both at lunchtime and at the end of the College day.

For further information about our enrichment opportunities, clubs and activities, please view our extra-curricular calendar.

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