Art, Design and Photography


Subject Overview

Art and Design develops students’ skills in a range of art techniques and processes using line, colour, texture and form. These are not just technical skills, but skills in seeing and expression from an aesthetic perspective.  The subject also develops in students a historical and cultural perspective of a variety of visual art forms, including painting, printing and sculpture.  It explores ideas about what makes art aesthetically pleasing or satisfying, and it develops capacity for judging and explaining judgements, as well as being able to participate in broader philosophical conversations about, for example, what constitutes art.  Art enables students to respond and create in a personal way.


Art Y7 Curriculum Map

Art Y8 Curriculum Map

Art Y9 Curriculum Map

Art Y10 Curriculum Map

Art Y11 Curriculum Map

Art Y12 Curriculum Map

Art Y13 Curriculum Map


Photography Y10 Curriculum Map

Photography Y11Curriculum Map

Photography Y12 Curriculum Map

Photography Y13 Curriculum Map



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