Religious Education provides students with a broad experience of learning about the world’s great religions as well as exploring important cultural, moral and life issues. Through Religious Education at KCC all students are given the opportunity to learn about identity, community and belief both within and beyond Kingsbridge. The subject plays a central role in student’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

Throughout Key Stage 3, students follow an enquiry based approach to exploring life’s ‘Big Questions’ in order to develop their skills of questioning and analysis as well as viewing each enquiry through the lens of a different world religion. Christianity remains a core perspective throughout Years 7 to 11 to reflect the character of our local as well as national community.

Each area of enquiry has a key question that underpins this area of study. We look at several different responses to the enquiry in question. The route related expectations are designed to allow students to develop the core skills alongside knowledge of content. The route related expectations provide us with a framework to establish progression in line with these core skills. There is a formative assessment at the end of each enquiry.

In Key Stage Four, our full-course GCSE programme, which is studied by all pupils, allows students to develop a full understanding of Christian and Buddhist beliefs and practices whilst also developing their ability to construct their own, well-reasoned and informed arguments in relation to moral dilemmas and ethical issues.


RE Y7 Curriculum Map

RE Y8 Curriculum Map

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RE Y11 Curriculum Map


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