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Curriculum Overview

Our broad and balanced curriculum allows students to experience learning in a stimulating environment. Students, as individuals, are at the heart of everything we do and our aim is to develop confidence, resilience and self-esteem, all of which are vital for students to thrive. In Key Stage three, subject based lessons are supplemented by KCC learner lessons which provide opportunities for the students to acquire problem-solving, decision-making and personal and social skills; these attributes are developed through Personal, Social and Health Education lessons in Key Stage 4.

Key Stage 3

The first two years, Years 7 and 8, form Key Stage 3. All departments have written their own curriculum that broadly follows the National Curriculum and is designed to build on the knowledge that students have gained at primary school and provide a challenging foundation for their studies in Key stage 4.  The subjects that are studied in Key Stage 3 are English, Mathematics, Science, ICT, Design & Technology, Geography, History, Art, Drama, Music, Physical Education, Religious Education and French or Spanish.

Key Stage 4

At the end of Year 8 students choose which subjects they want to take forward to study at GCSE. These choices are made after extensive careers advice and guidance as well as discussions with parents. The subjects chosen are studied in Years 9,10 & 11 and usually lead to a GCSE or equivalent qualification. All students take English Language, English Literature, Mathematics and Religious Education. In addition, all students must take Science, both Combined Science GCSE and separate Science pathways are available, as well as either Geography or History and often a Modern Foreign Language. Students also all take part in core physical education lessons. Students are then free to make choices of other courses to follow, many of which they had experience of in Key Stage 3.

Key Stage 5

At Sixth Form there is a balance of academic and vocational opportunities which leads to the large majority of our students staying with us. We offer a wide range of A Levels that are very successful but also provide ‘BTEC’ style courses too.  In Year 11 there is a interview and course selection process which helps students to make the right choices, this is followed up with a Sixth Form Induction Day before the start of Year 12 in order to allow students to trial subjects in their chosen areas.

Every year our students achieve outstanding results and thoroughly enjoy the challenge that is offered throughout our curriculum. We are proud of the inclusive nature of our Sixth Form; we encourage students of all abilities to achieve their potential and to strive for excellent outcomes and students with special educational needs who join the Sixth Form continue to work closely with the Learning Support department if the need arises. Students are encouraged to explore different pathways for when they leave KCC Sixth form and whatever they choose, whether it be Oxbridge, studying medicine or veterinary science or embarking on apprenticeships in the world of work, we have specialist staff who are here to guide them.

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