Reading Canon

KCC Tutor Reading Programme


Why Do We Read?

Our Tutor Reading Programme takes place during 3 morning registration sessions each week. This programme is for all students in Years 7-10, enabling them to access a broad range of reading material, irrespective of their own reading level. During our reading sessions, tutors read aloud to their groups in order to model fluent reading. Students are also encouraged to engage in discussion around the text they are reading. Research suggests that a person’s ability to read and engage with language has a significant impact on not only their academic success but also their overall wellbeing. By providing students with regular opportunities to read and helping them to develop a love of books, we aim to set them up for future success throughout their lives.


What Do We Read?

We believe it is important for our students to engage with the work of a range of authors, genres and styles of text. By exploring a wide range of texts, students are able to broaden their own knowledge of fiction and non-fiction texts and develop their own reading preferences. The list of books that we read is regularly reviewed based on student and teacher feedback with changes being made to ensure the programme provides both challenge and engagement. Students will have the opportunity to read modern texts from a diverse range of authors alongside some of the established classics from the literary canon.

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