Architectural Illustration Workshop

4th November 2020

Drawing workshop with Architectural Illustrator, Richard Carman

Why is drawing so important?  Drawing practice underpins everything.  “By understanding shape and space you can communicate it and by drawing it you understand it. . .” stated by architectural illustrator Richard Carman who visited Year 12 art students in their drawing workshop this term.  The day started with understanding the rules of perspective. Choosing the viewpoint, students rose to the technical challenge of drawing the interior perspective of the room they sat in.  Who would have thought ceiling radiators and track ceiling lighting would be examined so thoughtfully!?  Flo Welch stated, “Richard taught the sketching of the classroom really effectively.  I feel much more confident . . . I learnt and enjoyed just giving it a go even though it was so new to me”.

Students not only learnt about the techniques and types of drawing, colour mixing to create a palate of grey tones, good stone colours and a convincing glass colour but, were enriched by the many career pathways that architecture can open doors to.  Students learnt that training as an architect enabled Richard to give him the skill to visualise how a building should look.  Working at the planning stage, Richard stated, “my illustrations need to convince someone that the proposal is attractive and whatever is being built is going to add something positive to the daily life of the people who use it. . . visualise the architects idea and bring it to life, weave an image and make a story”.  Students learnt to apply this concept, using their own photographs to draw from to create a ‘scene’, rationalising with what to leave in and out, making sense of what they were drawing to evoke an atmosphere and narrative.  Students were extremely positive, all thoroughly engaged with Richard, an expert in his field, sharing his good humour and architectural knowledge.  Sam stated, “I understood everything. Good explanations.  I improved almost immediately when starting my second perspective drawing. The day was fun, extremely helpful and insightful in general as well as about illustration jobs and architecture”.

A huge thank you from staff and students in the art department to Richard Carman for challenging and opening the minds of year 12 artists in this insightful and fulfilling architectural illustration workshop.

Other comments from students…

Jade, “I learnt how to use the horizon method.  I really enjoyed drawing with perspective. . .I loved drawing from my own image. I wish we had more time.”

Izzy, “I learnt lots of new skills . . . interesting to see what architecture has to offer . . . I really enjoyed all the watercolour mixing with only primary colours.”

Meri, “I learnt new techniques to accurately draw buildings and indoor areas.  I most enjoyed the first activity because it was a new method to me, so it was quite challenging but still very interesting.  I wish we had more time to experiment and draw other places / rooms.”

Written by Annie Bodmer
Written by Annie Bodmer
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