15th August 2019

The Sixth Form at Kingsbridge Community College is pleased to celebrate its best ever results. This is even more impressive given the difficulty of reformed A Levels. Staff and students are particularly commended for the highest ever proportion of A* grades at A Level (41 A*s were awarded), with 34% of grades being at least an A grade and over 67% of all A Level grades being at least a B grade.

Emilia Collinson, Isabelle Speciale and Lottie Sutherland all achieved 4 A*s each, a feat that very few students nationally are able to accomplish. Emilia will be attending the University of Cambridge to study Veterinary Medicine, Isabelle will take up a place to study Maths at Warwick University and Lottie will embark upon a Politics degree at Durham University. William Grant also succeeded through the challenge of 4 A Levels and achieved 3 A*s and an A. Jonah Hughes’ consistent hard work paid off with him earning 3 A* grades and 6 other students were awarded 2 A*s (Peter Andrews, Thomas Broadgate, Mia Morris, Aimée Prescott, Celestine Stillwell and Ellie Trelfa Stewart). Haseebah Asharaf gained 3 A*s and is about to begin to study for a degree in Medicine at Oxford University.

We are proud of the accomplishments of all of our students. This year group have flourished throughout their studies, both academically and personally, and are sure to continue to have a positive impact on others in the next stage of their lives. Rob Crocker, Head of Sixth Form said “I couldn’t be more proud of the accomplishments of such a fantastic group of students. This particular cohort of Year 13 students have risen to the challenge of the Sixth Form from day 1 and just go to show that determination, hard work, and resilience lead to success. I would like to thank all of the staff and families who have supported and encouraged students to believe in themselves and make the most of their opportunities. I wish all students the very best in their future endeavours.”

Three students have places at Oxford and Cambridge University, this equals the college’s best performance in gaining Oxbridge places and is beyond the usual number of Oxbridge places that many other state schools gain.

Schools are not only measured on the achievement of students but also on the progress that they make from their GCSE starting point when they enter the Sixth Form. Cameron Wonnacott, Mia Graham, Celeste Eynon, Erasmus Vowles and Tom McQuitty made exceptional progress throughout their studies due to their consistently high levels of effort and determination to be successful. These students were role models to others in showing that we can all achieve anything that we set our minds to. Executive Principal, Roger Pope commented “These results show the exceptional quality of teaching at Kingsbridge. When students have the talent and attitude to achieve at the very highest levels, then these results show that staff will work with them to achieve that success. Many congratulations to all of the staff and students.”



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