PE Documents

’All that matters in life, matters in sport.’’ 

 Seb Coe, 2012 


Nature of Subject 

Physical Education is the planned, progressive learning that takes place in school curriculum timetabled time and which is delivered to all pupils. This involves both ‘learning to move’ (i.e. becoming more physically competent) and ‘moving to learn’ (e.g. learning through movement, a range of skills and understandings beyond physical activity, such as co-operating with others). The context for the learning is physical activity, with children experiencing a broad range of activities. The core theme that runs through the curriculum is promoting health and educating students on how physical activity can play a key role in sustaining a healthy active lifestyle.



All students who join KCC will experience the same broad and varied curriculum. Both boys and girls will have mixed ability PE lessons and rotate through the same 13 physical activities and sports. We want to expose students to as many activities as possible so that they can make informed decisions on how to lead a healthy active lifestyle.

Our lessons focus on three key areas;

  • Head – Knowledge to support a healthy active lifestyle
  • Heart – Promoting our core values
  • Hands – Developing students’ physical literacy

In year 7 students focus on understanding the key concepts within this framework, in year 8 there is a focus on applying these concepts across different sports and physical activities and in year 9 students will evaluate and refine their practice.



Towards the end of KS3 students will be given the choice of a pathways which is designed to optimise physical activity, enjoyment and learning.

Students will choose between the following pathways;

  • Competitive
  • Creative
  • Health and Well being

Each pathway has a different sequence of physical activities and sports and aims to ensure students have the confidence and competence to access lifelong participation.


Academic routes within PE

We offer both academic and vocational options at KS4 and KS5. We hope that through introducing students to the theory of physical education that they can make an informed decision on what pathway they wish to take.

We offer both AQA GCSE and A level and OCR Cambridge National (Sports studies) and Technical (Sport and physical activity).


Extra-Curricular Opportunities within PE

Students who wish to further enhance their skills take part in a full extra-curricular programme, which runs at lunchtime and afterschool.

At lunch time we encourage our KS3 students to take part in our inter tutor multi sports competition. After college we run clubs in a wide range of sports. Students who attend these clubs are able to be selected for fixtures against other schools and participate in national schools’ competitions. Our extracurricular programme  ensures we are nurturing the potential of all students and enabling them to access school sport at the highest level.

We have a wide range of facilities for our students to use; both on site and at the local Sports Centre. Our facilities include a fitness suite, gymnasium, 4 netball courts, an AstroTurf, and rugby playing fields. This helps us to deliver a wide and varied curricular and extra-curricular programme.

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